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Summerville Pediatric and Primary Eyecare: Trusted Optometrists for Kids and Adults

Welcome to Summerville Pediatric and Primary Eyecare, your destination for comprehensive eye care services in Summerville, SC. Our experienced team provides specialized pediatric care and personalized services for adults, including eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. 


Dr. Kelli McCartney is the dedicated optometrist behind Summerville Pediatric and Primary Eyecare, your trusted source for comprehensive vision care in Summerville, SC. With a passion for pediatric and adult optometry and a commitment to excellence, Dr. McCartney brings years of experience and expertise to her practice.

We conduct thorough evaluations to assess your vision and eye health. From visual acuity and refraction assessments to advanced eye health evaluations, our exams are tailored to detect and address any potential issues early on, ensuring optimal vision for years to come.

Eye Exams

Our expert team provides precise glasses and contact lens fittings, ensuring comfortable vision tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer traditional eyeglasses or the convenience of contact lenses, trust us to optimize your visual experience with personalized fittings and top-quality eyewear options.

Eyeglass and Contact Lens Prescriptions

If your child is struggling academically, they may need an eye exam.  We offer tailored solutions, including vision therapy, to address issues such as eye strain, lazy eye, and more. Experience personalized care and see the world through clearer, sharper vision with us.

Vision Therapy

Our Services

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today at Summerville Pediatric and Primary Eyecare to experience personalized vision care tailored to you and your family's needs. Don't wait to prioritize your vision health – book your appointment now and take the first step toward clear, comfortable vision for life.

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